7 Best Winter Running Hats of 2015-2016

July 29, 2016
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Freezing weather and snow on the ground; brisk winter wind in the cold weather; all signs of winter. You are standing at the doorstep of your house about to do your 5 mile morning run and think to yourself, “Oh I wish I had a winter hat- specifically a running hat.” You have gone through all your drawers and closets prior to running and still can’t find the winter hat that you use for running.  As you walk towards the door it opens to let out your younger brother/sister.  You feel the brisk cold air way before you get there and brace yourself. As you step outside you think to yourself, “Oh I wish I had a winter hat”, once again.  Here are seven (7) possible choices of winter hats for you.


1.Nike Run Lotus Reversible $22.00

The reversible winter hat is made of brushed, stretchy material that helps to keep you warm in the winter when you run.  It also keeps you dry as well.  It fits your head. The headband is the elastic kind and is machine washable.

2. ASICS PR Shelter Beanie $21.29

Made out of polyester and spandex, with contoured ear coverage this winter hat is a contoured hat that fits your head.  However, some customers say that it runs small so it is best for smaller heads.  I love beanie hats because the fit your head like a contour hat.  But this shelter beanie has as some of the other winter hats have an extra helping around the ear area.


3.Trailsheads Power Cap $24.00 Color:  black

This is a water resistant winter hat, with insulated fleece.  One size fits all.  It is sold by International Coffee and Books.   This winter hat is good for running in the rain and also helps if you are the type to sweat a lot when you run.


4. Trailshead Power Contoured Hat $24.00 Colors:  black, charcoal, cold smoke grey, harbor navy and reflective.

It is a contoured hat that is insulated in the ear area to keep your ears warm in the winter. It also has breathable fabric.  It is a one size fits all winter hat.  This is good if you run and have sensitive ears or also suffer a lot of head colds. Ears are very vunerable.  It is sold by Trailshead.


5. Run Baby Reflective Skull Cap Beanie Hat for Men and Women Outdoor Winter Training.  $15.99

Colors:  black, blue, green, grey, orange, white and pink. It is a soft stretchy cap (skull cap) that is good for windy training days.  They happen in winter a lot but it’s more the temperature when the cold starts to seep in whether you run in the morning or the evening.


6. Pearl Izumi-Run Men’s Thermal Hat $13.96.  Colors:  black, deep lake, screaming green/screaming yellow, screaming pink and true red.

Made out of polyester fabric it has thermal properties that keep you warm in the winter.


7.Nike Therma-Fit Reversible $22.00

The hat is insulated to keep the heat in and the cold out. The seams are reinforced.  It is hand washable.


A bonus cap from Arctic store is Newsboy Cap. Mink scan black available at the online store. It is a one size fits all hat and is elasticized to fit around your head. It is good in extreme cold and frost.  So you can wear in the winter. Winter hats are always a good source of togetherness for persons who live and walk out about in the cold.  I have borrowed a hat a couple of times or two just to keep warm.  And they are big business for stores. For a runner a hat is extremely important and as demonstrated by the above mentioned winter hats they have seven different ones sold online.

If you as many people do can’t get to the store then shopping online is a good source of products for you and your family. Also there are some incentives to order online and have it delivered by giving you free shipping or lesser shipping charges in exchange for something like a quicker delivery or a higher shipping charge in exchange for quicker delivery.  The refund policy if you choose not to keep the product that you have bought is available.

To sum up, winter hats are always by far the best buy of the winter because your head shouldn’t be vulnerable and open to the cold weather. So buy your winter hats ladies and gentlemen and look chic while doing it.

Arctic store.com is located in Russian and sells their winter wear online on their website.  They are happy to assist you in finding your winter hats and accessory needs.