Lectins: How They Can (Negatively!) Affect Your Health

Gluten is well known from research and people discussing it on different forums among other places. If you search online, you will access a lot of articles in both blogs and forums discussing gluten. But, it is not easy to access information about lectins. It is also a protein found in plants. There are several health issues related to gluten as well as lectin. They are both plant proteins hence they will interact with your body in different ways.

What is Lectins? Let’s Get Into the Basics

They are a group of proteins that are naturally found in different plants and vegetables. They form part of the plant’s defense mechanism against being eaten. Plants use lectins to protect themselves against being eaten by animals and men. Not all lectins contain toxic materials, but most of them have toxic substances. They cause the discomfort one experiences after eating the foods. There are some people who are lectin sensitive, and their reaction can be worse if they consume foods.

How Lectins Affect Your Health

Lectins are referred to as sticky proteins. The name arises from their ability to stick to the body’s cells. They can have severe effects on one’s wellbeing. In some cases, the body can react to the proteins available in lectins through inflammation. Other effects related to the proteins include bloating, nausea, leaky gut, diarrhea, and gas among other digestive issues.

Lectins have an inclination towards bacteria and viruses which make it easy for the bacteria to connect to the body cells. Their inclination to the bacteria makes them susceptible to a number of diseases. If you are lectin sensitive, there are high chances you will develop complications related to different viral and bacterial diseases. Thankfully, a product has been created in order to keep lectins from having all these negative effects regularly. Lectin Shield can help and is a supplement created by Gundry MD. You can find out more information about Lectin Shield on Pinterest.

Weight gain is another effect of consuming lectin. If the effect of weight gain due to lectin is not checked in good time, it can lead to obesity. There are several people who consume lectin-based foods for them to gain weight during winter. There are several foods that are known to contain high levels of lectin. They include foods such as the following:

  • Lima and kidney beans
  • Potatoes
  • Split peas
  • Soy, barley, and wheat
  • Lentils
  • Rice

Consumption of the foods can lead to different digestive discomforts, and if you start developing the discomforts, it is necessary to seek medication. Not all the foods can expose you to the effects of lectins, but if you develop complications that can’t go away, medical help is very necessary.

Gut Flora and Lectin-Sensitive Individuals

How sick you get will depend on how your gut is set to protect you against the harmful effects. Some people will be less sensitive to foods while others will suffer more. It is necessary to note that sensitivity levels often vary from one person to the other. Gut flora can offer protection due to its tiny microorganism which affects the way your body carries out the digestive process. Gut flora can protect the way your body reacts to the following processes:

  • Metabolism
  • Combatting diseases
  • Digestion and processing of nutrients

How to Stay Healthy and Prevent Lectin Ingestion

There is a relationship between the person and the organism making up gut flora. In exchange for the place where the microorganism resides, they help the body in fighting disease. You can give up on many lectins as a way of keeping your body healthy. Learn more about how to reduce lectins in your food and use Lectin Shield with this podcast. The proteins may not be the cause of your gut damage, but avoiding them can contribute towards avoiding the effects. Lowering your intake of sugars and carbohydrates will benefit your body in several ways. Some of the foods which can lower the effects of lectins and have low sugars include the following:

  • Eggs
  • Pressure-cooked vegetables such as romaine lettuce and celery
  • Seafood

There is still a lot of research being carried out on how a lectin can affect your body. It is necessary for you to start your recovery path by avoiding foods that you are sensitive to. For you to achieve quick results, it is necessary to start by avoiding foods that contain high amounts of lectins. Start by carrying out enough research so that you can know what to buy and what to avoid at the grocery store.