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Gut Bacteria: Important Tips for Enhancing Good bacterial

When most people hear the word bacteria, the first thought in their minds is the list of diseases caused by these microorganisms. However, not all bacteria are harmful to your health. In fact, to optimize digestion fully, we need the friendly bacteria in our guts. Probiotics play a very important role in ensuring that our digestive track works properly. Some of the conditions caused by gut bacteria imbalance include conditions like gas, constipation, bloating, and irritable bowel. To avoid these conditions, you need to enhance the good bacteria in your gut. Nevertheless, how can you do this? This article covers some simple ways that you can use to enhance the good bacteria in your gut.

Gut Bacteria: Add More Fiber to Your Diet

A very good way of boosting the good bacteria in your gut is through food. Fiber will do an excellent job in sparking the good bacteria in your gut. First, fiber plays a major role in preventing constipation. Besides keeping you happy and regular, it also increases the good bacteria in your body. For this reason, adding rich sources of fiber to your health such as carrots, celery, and fruits is very beneficial to health. Additionally, including leafy veggies to your diet will not only offer you with fiber but also reduce inflammation as well.

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Although there is some health expert, discourage the intake of large amounts of dark chocolate due to a number of health risks, ingesting small quantities will do a great job in adding good bacteria to your gut. The trick here is to make sure you only take the dark chocolate. Chocolate is addictive and comes with a variety of health risks. Although most of us know the dangers of consuming large quantities of chocolate, we are always looking for an excuse to do so. However, this should not be an excuse to consume any chocolate because only the dark chocolate will do the trick. Consuming other varieties such as milk chocolate will cause more danger than good as they are loaded with too much sugar. Remember, the harmful bacteria thrive well on sugar.

Make Miso Soup a Staple

Brown rice or fermented soybeans are a traditional recipe for preparing miso. However, you can also make it using barley. Besides offering your body a variety of nutrients that enhances your health, miso is a good source of good bacteria. Preparing miso soup is very simple. You just need to get some sweet potatoes, carrots, and boil them together with the miso and this will result in a delicious soup. Another benefit of preparing soup is that it is very versatile. You can use it in condiments, sauces, and even in salad dressings.

Non-Daily Yogurt

We all know the health problems that come with the consumption of dairy products. To avoid these risks, try non-dairy products such as soy yogurt. This will offer you with good bacteria without the effects of dairy products. Additionally, the non-dairy yogurt does not contain many additives making them healthier.

Do not Forget About Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is another source of Probiotics, which are very beneficial to your gut. You can either consume it alone or take it in a burger or salad. Besides offering you with the good bacteria, this food also helps in fighting the bad bacteria. The good news is there are many varieties of sauerkraut that you can try out. One of the exciting varieties is the Korean version, which is known as the Kimchi, it contains onions, carrots, cabbage, as well as an assortment of other veggies.

Avoid Antibiotics Whenever Possible

Antibiotics are very effective in killing unwanted bacteria in our bodies. The main problem is that they kill all the bacteria both good and bad. This means that they will take all the good bacteria from your gut, leading various conditions such as bloating, diarrhea among others. For you to maintain a good balance of gut bacteria, avoid the intake of these medications as much as possible.


In conclusion, it is good to know that the good bacteria are beneficial to both young and old. You can also promote the good bacteria in newborn babies through breastfeeding. This will help in reducing the bad bacteria that cause diseases. In the same breath, you should not be too keen on using the antibacterial soaps. For instance, some bathing soaps with antibacterial properties have shown signs of altering the balance of good bacteria in your skin. Finally, the poor intestinal flora does not only cause gut problems, but it is also responsible for mental problems and allergies. Since prevention is always a better alternative to cure, ensure you use these methods to boost the good bacteria for better health.