CBD Extraction Methods

CBD Extraction Methods: A Complete Guide of 2020

CBD is one of the active compounds found in cannabis plants. Many companies have included this cannabinoid in most of their products after they discovered it promotes human health and prevents suffering. What most people do not understand up to now is that there is a big difference between this compound and HTC which is also another psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s very important for you to get some information and establish the major difference between these two compounds so that you can be sure that the CBD products you will be consuming are really good for you. The discussion of CBD extraction methods is given below.

CBD Substances

It’s very difficult to know what you are consuming if you do not have any background information. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol are quite different in such a way that HTC will get high while CBD will function normally without affecting your brain function. CBD does operate by direct stimulation of our CB2 and CB1receptors but instead interacts with Serotonin, Vanilloid, and Adenosine to help reduce pain and anxiety. This is why it’s recommended for those who wished to reduce weight, relieve pain, and improve moods among other problems. CBD oil is quite crucial as it has been used to make substances such as tinctures, edibles, topical, and creams.

CBD Extraction Methods

The cannabis plant contains several compounds that can be very helpful if extracted in the right way. The only problem is that most companies that manufacture CBD products normally do not use the appropriate CBD oil extraction. There are four major methods used in the extraction process. So let’s find out what the extraction methods really entails

The CO2 Extraction Method

Obtaining Organic CBD oil through CO2 extraction is the safest way. However, the process involved in the production of these pure CBD oils is quite complex and demands more than just time. You will need enough manpower, experience, and effective tools for you to succeed with the CO2 extraction method. CO2 is a gas that has the potential to act as a solvent when exposed to a certain temperature and pressure. Most of the Organic CBD oil obtained from these processes is very pure and free from so many harmful compounds like HTC.

To succeed in extracting the CBD drops from the hemp plant, you will need to have tools that can help you to control pressure (75psi) and temperature (-69°F). You must also have chambers that will store different compounds that come from the hemp plant. This method allows you to obtain terpenes and trichrome which are also useful

The Olive Oil Extraction Method

This method is very effective when it comes to the extraction of CBD oil from home, you will not need powerful machines to enable you to extract the Organic CBD oil. There are so many liquids that one can use but many people prefer using olive oil because of its availability and less cost.  When you have obtained your hemp plant, you will have to ensure you activate its chemical by heating for I hour at a temperature of 248°F. The . This stage is followed by the addition of the heated plant into the olive oil. You can then heat this mixture for 2hrs at a temperature of 212°F. When this step is completed, you will be able to obtain all the cannabinoids in the oil form.

The Dry Ice Extraction Method

If you have enough time and you wish to produce good CBD drops from home, then this method can very effective for you. The only problem is that it ill requires your patience and commitments. You will need to gather more cannabis plan and chop them, ensure they are in smaller pieces. You will then need to put them in a bucket that should be covered with dry ice for about 3minutes. This process target to freeze trichome resins. Cover your bucket using a 73-micron bag and try to shake the mixture for about 4minutes to remove trichomes that have frozen. You can repeat this procedure using 160-micron bags and 220-micron bags. Every time ensure you remove the resin using a Plexiglas. This will enable you to have 3 types of CBD oil extracts.

The Solvent Extraction Method

The common solvents used in this process include ethanol, butane, and low-grade alcohol. Ethanol is the only solvent that is mostly used to extract Organic CBD oil. This is because it has the power to extract terpenes and important cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The only problem is that chlorophyll is also extracted in which may not be good for your health. The reason why butane is not commonly used even if it can extract the strongest oil is that the solvent it produces may cause lung irritation.

So how do you extract CBD oil using solvents? Take your hemp plant and add the solvent (alcohol, butane or ethanol). This will remove the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. If you have already extracted enough cannabinoids, you can go ahead and heat the liquid form of cannabinoids. You will be left with pure Cbd drops.


All extraction methods are very efficient, but using CO2 extraction method is more reliable and very safe. When you have the CBD drops, you should be keen on the CBD dosage. CBD extraction methods will protect you from the side effects of taking too much CBD into your bloodstream. Whenever you want o but any CBD cream, topical, or edibles, always inquire the methods through which the Organic CBD oil was extracted. This will keep you safe from consuming harmful compounds available in the cannabis plant.