Amazing Surprises for Your Dad on Fathers Day!

June 3, 2017
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As fathers day approaches we are more in doubt of what to get our beloved fathers. There are many fathers day quotes on the internet but let me quote one that is simple and meaningful, “Any man can be a father but it takes some special to be a dad.” Thanks to the internet and these sweet fathers day quotes, we are able to realize how much our fathers have done for us.

Here are some very special and sweet surprises you can plan to make your old man very joyous.

Plan a special get together on his behalf

We are so indulged and busy in our lives that we often forget that our parents need our affection too. This fathers day plan a special get together honoring your beloved father. Gather all his close friends and siblings and make the whole day about him. Plan a big speech expressing your thoughts and appreciation and if you fall short of words you can always use some lovely fathers day quotes.

Make a memory jar

Our dads have been our heroes since birth and we have many many wonderful memories to cherish. Go down memory lane and list out all your favorite memories with him. He will be pleasantly surprised at your form of appreciation and it will make him realize that you haven’t forgotten what he’s done for you. You can make little notes of the memories and put them in a mason jar and decorate it according to your wish.

If you are far away from your father

One of the downsides of making a better life for yourself and traveling is being far away from your family. With today’s modern technology you can easily have gifts delivered at your door step. So buy something special for your dad and have it delivered to him or have a Skype date. It may not be the best way to “lunch” together but it will make him feel loved.

A Literature Junkie

Is your dad a book lover? Perhaps he has a longer reading list than yours and can usually be found with some type of literature in his hand. Make sure you keep him swimming in delightful literature with a book box subscription from He can choose from contemporary, historical fiction, mystery, thriller, and more, and each month he’ll receive a new supply of amazing books that he’ll be ecstatic to get to reading.

Create Something

It was true when you were little and made projects that Dad hung proudly on the refrigerator or in his study, and it’s true now—parents love homemade gifts. It shows thoughtfulness and requires more effort than picking up a premade present. Even if you feel you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, taking the time to create something with your bare hands is sure to be a gesture your dad appreciates. It could be a painting, woodwork, or even a scrap book where you could include silly and cute pictures of you and your dad along with fathers day quotes to go along with it. Honestly anything you make with your own hands will make your dad very happy.

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