310 or Ensure: Which Shake is Ideal?

October 26, 2017
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Choosing a shake cannot be easy given the numerous options you have. Below we are going to review the 310 and ensure shakes. The two weight loss shakes have been on the market for years now and are classified among the best shakes in the market. The review is focused on the shakes’ ingredients, effectiveness when it comes to weight loss, and key features that buyers consider when shopping for a diet shakes.

Shake Ingredients

The Ensure shake is made up of milk and soy protein, maltodextrin sourced from corn, sugar, canola and corn oil, and water. The shake also comes fortified with over 20 vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.

A serving of the Ensure shake delivers 220 calories. Each shake contains 32 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of protein, 15 grams of sugar, and about 5 grams of fat.

The 310 shake is made up of a tri-plex protein blend that contains pea, hemp, and brown rice protein. The shake also comes with a greens blend consisting of organic fruits and vegetable extracts, beet juice, and pomegranate among other ingredients.

A single 310 shake delivers 90 calories. Each shake has 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of fiber.

Overall Effectiveness in Weight Loss

The best weight loss shakes are low in calories, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates. The best shakes for weight loss also come with appetite blockers and metabolism boosters.

The Ensure shake is high in calories and high in carbohydrates. It is also low in protein and comes with no fiber at all. This means that though a single shake is filling, it does not come with appetite suppressors and the shake will not keep you full for very long.

310 shakes, on the other hand, are packed with protein and fiber. These two are sure to raise your metabolism so you burn more calories and also keep you full for longer. The 310 shakes are also low in calories as well as in carbohydrates.

Of these two, the 310 shake is a more effective solution for weight loss. The Ensure shake, on the other hand, works best as a quick meal replacement and an ideal snack for people who need extra sustenance. Actually, the Ensure shake is extensively used in healthcare to provide extra nutrition to those who need it.


Among the key features that people consider when shopping for weight loss shakes is the taste. A good shake should be tasty. This way, you can enjoy taking them on a daily basis.

Both the 310 and the Ensure shake get mixed reactions where taste is concerned. Some people find these shakes tasty while others do not like the taste at all. Since different people like different things, it is often advisable to sample different shakes and settle for one with a favorable taste. You can also choose to go with the most nutritious shake and use your favorite fruits and vegetables to enhance the taste.

Artificial/ Harmful Ingredients

Harmful ingredients here mean sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and anything else that can cause havoc in the body when taken in large amounts.

The Ensure shake comes with 15 grams of sugar, 45 mg of sodium, and over 4 mg of cholesterol. Clearly, this is not a shake that you should take for a prolonged period. You can, however, use the shake when looking for a quick filling meal that will also pack a healthy dose of the nutrients your body requires. It helps that the shake comes ready to drink and is conveniently packaged per serving.

The 310 shake is natural and comes with all the goodness of nature. This is one among the few diet shakes that are sugar, cholesterol, and gluten-free. The fact that it is made using plant-based proteins and ingredients makes it ideal for vegetarians.


The Ensure weight loss shake is quite affordable as a six pack of the shake costs just 8 dollars. Each shake, therefore, comes to slightly over a dollar.

A serving of the 310 shake powder comes to about 2.5 dollars. This means that of these two, the 310 shake is more expensive. That said it is important to remember that the 310 shake is better in quality, more effective where weight loss is concerned and comes with all natural ingredients that are known to help the body in different ways and ensure good health.